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Fetching the keyword or the keyword may be a slight difference in the precise meaning of each of these two phrases. We may touch on the inherent difference between the word and the keyword in one of the upcoming topics, but now consider that you are one meaning and the keyword is the word because it is the same in reality Only the difference in the position of the word is the one who changes its name from key to semantic. Generally, on this topic, I will bring you closer to the most important sources of fetch

Keywords and tags appropriate for your YouTube channel or your site, and to do this, we must track YouTube itself and see how it classifies videos.
How does YouTube classify videos?
To find out the exact answer to this question, we must visit the channels that are created automatically by YouTube, which deal with topics in the same interests of our channel, but rather that we look forward to showing our channel videos on YouTube, for example, if your YouTube channel addresses cooking topics, this automatic YouTube channel in the field of cooking It contains more than 890 thousand subscribers.
This is the description that YouTube itself uses, and it is a description that you can use with some simple options and additions.
cooking, or ripening food is a process of making food ready to be eaten by heating it. People can cook food on fire by using wood or charcoal, with a stove that uses propane or natural gas, or with a stove that uses electricity. An oven is a place with a boxy fire. People also built clay and brick kilns.
Cooking food comes in many ways. The food is usually boiled in water. Generally, in cooking food, we use some types of bowls, such as Dutch oven and frying tools. Sometimes people cook food by putting it directly on the fire. Before foods are cooked, they are said to be raw. Some foods are good and are raw.
There are many types of kitchens in the Arab world, such as Moroccan cuisine, Egyptian cuisine, Shami cuisine, and Gulf cuisine. The food chef is called a cook.
This channel is automatically generated by YouTube Video Discovery System.
Description from Wikipedia
If we reflect on this description, we find that it is full of words that have to do with cooking or cooking and have made it in red, as well as it is a description from an external source, which is Wikipedia, that is, you can find the description that YouTube adopts for each niche specified in Wikipedia because YouTube robots adopt it as a reference to their servers.
After we got to know the best place we can find a good description for the YouTube channel, we will move to the best place to bring the keywords for the description and the titles of the videos.
How to find the best keywords appropriate for the description and title of YouTube videos.
In order to be frank enough with you, searching for keywords and fetching the keywords is not an easy thing, as it needs a lot of focus and work, for this, there are tools and paid sites, and the user must have a monthly subscription. Perhaps the best site to provide this service is the hrefs website The monthly subscription price for the regular account is $ 99 A large amount, is not that, and this is the best evidence of the importance of the words in any content on the Internet, whether it is written or audible and visible. We will not, however, use any of the paid sites, and we will rely on the sources on which the best YouTube keyword extraction site and websites are based on identifying and knowing the most popular keywords on the Internet.
When we talk about the sources of fetching keywords, we refer to search engines in general, and since Google is the largest search engine for the time limits, there is no doubt that it is the most important source of keywords at all.
In this paragraph we will talk about Google Trend or Google Trends, Google has developed this service specifically for the press to be more in line with the event and considering that what we do is closer to what the press is and what we are looking for is the same as the experienced journalist’s intent, there is nothing wrong with us exploiting his tools somewhat, but Before we discuss how to use Google Trend to bring in the most searched words on the Internet, I would like to tell you that the uses of Google Trend are different and multiple, but in the end, it is in the same sense.
Through these images, I tried to explain Google Trend and how to search for common keywords.
Let’s explain how to find the most searched words in search engines with the google trend tool
First, we enter the Google Trend tool from here:
1. We write here the keyword to target or the niche that we will work on

2. We choose a YouTube search 

3. Top words or inquiries in search of YouTube

After I got acquainted with Google Trend, I suggested to you a YouTube search engine, and many people may not notice that YouTube is a good source for fitting the appropriate keywords or tags, especially for videos.
How to use YouTube to get ready keywords with a high search rate. The ways to get keywords from YouTube are many, but they differ in terms of quality and time spent to find them. In this paragraph, we mention to you the two most important ways to reach keywords that increase the number of views significantly.
First, we change the country of the channel to the target country, and to do that, there are several methods of these.
First, we go to the Creator Studio, go back to the old format, go down, and select the target country as shown in the image.

After that, we write the keyword for the video, and I chose America, and I wrote the word (dog) in the YouTube search box, as it is the keyword, and as you see in the image below.

After going down to the bottom of the page, YouTube is trying to facilitate the task of searching for me and suggested to me the most important words that visitors search, and thus we have known the most important thing that the visitor writes in the YouTube search engine to reach certain content in the sense of the last keywords and semantic words appropriate to the field that you have chosen (Niche).

In this topic, I suggested to you the most important sources of keywords. I do not advise you at all about ready-made keywords that have been written down by a third party because the keywords are in constant renewal and ready-made keywords will not be the best solution to work. Instead of ready-made keywords, you will be free to study your channel statistics and try to know the words that Your YouTube channel or website started appearing when you wrote it and tried to focus on the same keywords in future posts.

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