Does losing weight decrease joint pain? Learn 3 easy exercises to get relief

Losing weight and Joint Pain: Can Weight Loss Relieve Joint Pain? Let’s know here.

It is said that obesity brings with it many diseases, including diabetes, heart diseases, and many problems like joint pain. Maintaining your ideal weight is essential for living a healthy life. However, nowadays all people are very concerned about their weight and constantly strive for weight loss. But losing weight becomes very important for those who are suffering from many health problems. One of these problems is a joint problem or joint disorder. Can Weight Loss Relieve Joint Pain? Let’s know here.

Does weight loss decrease joint pain?

It is believed that weight loss can relieve you of joint pain because your obesity and joint pain are related to each other. Increased obesity can increase joint pain and a decrease in obesity can also reduce pain. A study published in the medical journal Arthritis Care and Research also found that overweight people and obese people who suffered from joint pain and osteoarthritis of the knee. He also found a reduction in joint pain by reducing his obesity or weight by about 10 percent.

Measures to reduce joint pain for obese people

Obese people, who are suffering from joint pain, should do some exercise to reduce their pain and get relief. Come here, we are telling you 3 easy exercises, which will give you relief in joint pain.

1- Hamstring Stretch

To stretch the hamstrings, you stand up straight, after that you extend one leg forward and lift the toes off the ground and hinge the feet on the heels. Now keep both your hands on your thigh and tilt the upper part of your body slightly forward. Then repeat the same with the other leg, repeat it 3 times for each leg to achieve the feat of losing weight.

2- Coffee Rage Exercise

To exercise hard rage, you should stand on the back of your chair and slowly raise your heel up, do as much as you can. Now come back to the previous position. Do this exercise in 3 sets 10 to 15 times.

3- up and down

For up and down exercise, you first have to sit on the ground, that is, you have to sit in a squat position. Now place your hands on the ground near your feet. After this, you move the feet backward by pushing the hands, bouncing, and then return to the previous position. After this, you stand up. You do this again about 10 to 15 times and stand after the bounce once and then sit for the second bounce.

You can also do this exercise with an armless chair. In which you stand up slowly and after a few seconds, slowly sit down again. Do this exercise for at least one minute to see yourself losing weight.

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