The importance of diversification in SEO strategy

The factors that affect the ranking of search results with search engines are changing and developing rapidly. The rules set by Google and its competitors are changing, and all this for one purpose, ensuring that the best search results are always available to users.

Therefore, it is vital to diversify and not to keep all of your optimal eggs in one basket, which means that in your SEO strategy, you can diversify the tools and methods you follow.

Relying on one strategy is dangerous because it can quickly get old, but it’s also tricky because you run the risk of over-optimization.

Excessive improvement of a particular technique can refer to search engine processing, which can lead to a devaluation of the site in search results or even manual penalties.

Here are some ways you can diversify SEO efforts to gain visibility and free traffic:
Diversification of content strategies

Content plays a fundamental role in SEO’s success on search engines and is an area in which you need to diversify greatly.

The diversity within the content begins with the audience, you need to diversify your content to reach all of your audience.

If you focus only on people willing to buy from you, you will miss a large part of your audience.

You need to create content that serves all stages of the marketing path and not just the bottom.

Your audience has different intentions during different stages, and your content must match this specific intention to display in relevant search results.

As for content sites such as blogs, news and magazines, you should not focus, for example, on the sections of lengthy articles and reduce news content, whereby this way you will only gain readers who prefer lengthy articles and lose readership to news and smaller content.

On the other hand, when we think of “content”, we usually think of blog articles or written text, however, according to a specific intention, the text content may not rank well in search results, you may find video pages that top the search results.

Close search results pages strictly to any of the keywords or attributes you target to understand the types of pages Google wants to show, to match existing content formats.

Diversifying a single page to include multiple formats will give you the best opportunity to arrange for a variety of queries while giving readers options to digest information.

Providing various content formats that strengthen the page in terms of search and user experience. Here we mean by writing a lengthy story or article and inserting pictures and videos in it.

Finally, you need to diversify content topics to expand the localized authority of your site, knowing that focusing on only one topic will lead to a strong connection between your site and this topic, but this may also mean a loss of other areas related to your site.

For example, if you have a Forex blog and talk about trading currency, there are opportunities to expand and appear in relevant search results, writing about digital currencies and covering their news and writing about the economy and even entrepreneurship.

When you remember that content and links are the driving forces in search rankings, and diversification in both areas is of paramount importance to the success of SEO.
Diversification of strategies to obtain external links

Diversification within the field of link building is equally important to diversify content strategies, and for this, you have to adopt various tactics.

Diversification of link acquisition methods is especially important because relying on one very tactic can put you at risk from search engines.

Any technique can be used appropriately to build links or excessive use in an undesirable way, so you want to diversify your approach to avoid focusing too much on a single strategy.

Take blog comments, for example, there are still cases where linking to your website within a blog comment is appropriate, for example, responding seriously to a blog post on a competing or related blog and providing real value that will have a positive impact on your site at the same time that will increase This comment contains the value of the blog post where you posted your comment.

You can vary the comments you post, but only if they are of real value, and some of them may not include any links directly to your blog.

On the other hand, there must remain a wide range of websites to target that also link to your brand, product, or service, as links from a wide range of sites point to a natural and reliable cookie to Google.

Finally, it would be best if you targeted a variety of pages on your website to get external links.

On the other hand, you should ensure that you secure external links to a wide range of pages on your site to ensure that you get the possible search opportunities available.

Gaining links to a variety of pages on your site will create a natural cookie and increase the authority and trust of the search engines for your website.

So avoid always referring to the home page link. It is better to refer to pages related to comments and guest articles.

Best of all, it’s providing compelling content that makes competitors and industry-related sites naturally point you in their high-quality articles and pages.
Diversify the factors that should improve your site

After you are sure that your site is genuinely mobile responsive, you should be concerned with the rest of the critical factors involved in improving the user experience.

Including ensuring that your site is fast, so it adopts technologies that compress pages, speed up downloading, compress images and the rest of the content.

Also, test the best fonts for the site in terms of readability on your website and their sizes and their suitability with different screen sizes.

On the other hand, it will enhance the link between the pages inside the site and improve the feature of related articles on the site.

Updating previous articles to fix broken links or images is also very important and increases the overall content quality on your site.

For e-stores, working to improve and facilitate business transactions is a positive thing, and you should make it very simplistic, and support more payment solutions.

All these improvements increase the length of the visitor’s stay on the site and the acquisition of users and convert them into loyal to the site, which gives a better impression to search engines such as Google that visitors feel satisfied with what you offer them, which makes your site among the best options that they offer users.

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