Using free WordPress themes may expose you to these six risks

Whatever the type of site you own or manage, you always strive to show it the most beautiful way by resorting to companies specialized in the design, or buying ready-made design templates, in case you are a Word user, your direction most often will be towards purchasing ready-made templates, but in Oftentimes, due to the lack of a budget to pay, or the site’s owner’s unwillingness to pay for the purchase of a template that uses the free templates published online, have you ever thought about the potential dangers that your site presents to it if you decide to use the free Word Press templates? In today’s article, I will introduce you to six threats you may face if you decide to use the free Word Press templates.
Links in the footer of the page

Often the person who publishes the design places his own link in the page footer. This link is encrypted in a way that makes the user unable to remove it or modify it, but what if the link points to a page considered spam by Google, And in the event that the link. Afterward, we’re not spamming continuous work on your site, I was able to publish the search results. Suddenly the website of the template designer was sold and became spam, what will happen to your site’s order and how much time will you need to fix the damage, then all of your website pages contain the spam link. You are unable to remove it, which is one of the most important reasons why you are seriously considering purchasing a template instead Free use template.
Incompatibility with SEO techniques

Most of the free Word Press templates that you find on the Internet are not compatible with the site’s configuration criteria for search engines, for example, most of the free templates are not built in a way that guarantees the shortest download time to the user’s browser, and we all know the role of page load time as a key factor in improving the ranking in search results, this factor is an example of how many other factors you will not find in the free SEO templates, which makes you constantly decline in the search results in Google.
Template not updated

Free Word Press templates are not provided with periodic updates, imagine software or security holes in this free Template, and you are unable to fix it because the Template is encrypted and the designer will not provide you with any update. Thus the vulnerability will remain a disaster, right? Updates are necessary to avoid any software error in the Template. To address any security vulnerability, your use of a free template makes you unable to fix any error on your site even if you have discovered it.
Lack of compatibility with Word Press plugins

Plugins play a very important role in the Word Press platform, they enrich the site and give it very important advantages, in the free templates dear reader will suffer a lot from the topic of compatibility of the Template with the additions, and even that you agree from them may not work in the compatible image, and you will be lucky if you were able to create a free template compatible with a large number of important plugins in Word Press.
No template control panel

The template control panel enables you to customize a Word Press template in a way that you add a lot of your personal touch to it, in many free templates you will not find a template control panel and you will find yourself having to change the template code for a simple modification of this Template.
Lack of support

When you buy a Word Press template, and you are exposed to a problem or want to add any feature to this Template, you will find a support team that communicates with it and answers all your questions, if you rely on a free template, you will have to rely on yourself and the Internet and search in forums and blogs for people who have used the same Template and subjected to the same problem and managed to solve it. Often you will not be able to succeed in finding what you are looking for.

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