YouTube bypasses Wikipedia in Google search results

It is well known that the Wikipedia encyclopedia usually leads the search results in Google, as the American company submits it in its search engine as a source of immediate and quick answers to the search queries.

But this seems to be changing, but we cannot explain it as the beginning of a decline in encyclopedias and content sites. Rather, it can be said that the global search engine is practicing a monopoly.

This is what Searchmetrics found that many years after Wikipedia released search results, a change is taking place.

Currently, when searching for a lot of topics and keywords, the search engine may show you at the top of the search results videos from its YouTube.

On the contrary, the Free World Encyclopedia no longer holds the lead on many topics and keywords, as it lost it to YouTube or even some other platforms and content encyclopedias.

For creators on YouTube, this is good news for them, as it is possible to bring more views by presenting high-quality content on the platform and preparing it for the results of Google search as well.

In the European Union, Google faces a renewed old charge, and it prefers its services to competitors’ services in search results.

It is not excluded that the organization behind Wikipedia complains to the European Commission and adds Searchmetrics’ findings to its complaint.

And how competitors YouTube and Google services do not suffer from the policies of the American giant, while Amazon and other companies in the field of e-commerce suffer from it, as search results from their websites are sometimes favored on competitors’ pages.

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